Heights Soft Wash

We use low-pressure solution based cleaning for washing houses in the Tampa area. We Remove organic pollutants from the homes exterior surfaces. And if there are Mold, mildew, algae, & cobwebs/bugs, we remove them as well. High pressure washing can damage your paint & walls, so you should prefer low pressure washing over the high pressure wash. Low pressure solution based washing is more effective and also long term.

Steps we perform for house washing in Tampa.

  1. Analyze the house and estimate the cost for house cleaning
  2. We schedule time for getting the job done
  3. We come to you & with all the necessary equipments to clean the house
  4. We prepare the solution for washing house
  5. We use the solution to remove organic pollutants from the home’s exterior surface
  6. If there are any mold, mildew, algae, & cobwebs/bugs, we also remove them
  7. You can pay cash or pay online with your preferred payment methods, we support all kinds of major payment methods.
House Washing Service in Tampa

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